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The awaited return of the most obvious seasonal signal
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An assembly of sacred images

Figures portrayed
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The human condition
and its development
in the collective memory


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At the frontiers of animalism,
correct intuitions on the nature of Existence and the human condition ?

The intense sensations and violent emotions felt by hominids during thunderstorms - lightning and thunder, fire and water - indelibly marked our species (see our book "L’Enfant de la Nuit d’Orage"). These phenomena gave man the desire – as obsessional as catastrophic – to own the lethal shaft of lightning and to be able to do with it as he wished, but also offered remarkable intuitions on the very nature of the energy that animated the Earth’s creatures. All mythology everywhere testifies to this sort of "Tao", the attraction / repulsion of two poles, the "electrical" nature of Existential reality.

Our examination of the characteristics of ancient, essentially lunar calendars and grand mythical images certainly shows the importance of lunar attraction on ancient thought.

Dans le courant de vie sidéral

It is altogether obvious that this satellite attains the standing of a powerful master of "mental" activity, elevating mankind towards a higher, immaterial and energy-based reality. Myths express a constant desire to escape the Earth’s attraction (persistent myth of flying through space… not only "gods" and "goddesses", but also heroes with human attributes, such as Perseus/Perkuns, or monkey-like, such as Hanuman and Sun Wukong, etc.).

Soun cerf-volant               Soun cerf volant

Just as the cycle of incarnation/disincarnation of souls on the celestial pathway between Earth and the Milky Way closes the loop and is renewed under the guidance of the Moon, very ancient thought combines lunar attraction, mental activity and the desire to escape from the Earth’s gravity…

What is the relationship between this desire and the evolution of our species into a upright primate? Are we witnessing a convergence of mythic intuition and the results of scientific research?

In any case, there is a convergence – the point should be emphasized – that has nothing to do with short-sighted USA-style "neo-creationism" based on the Bible’s book of Genesis. On the contrary, our study shows that memories contained in myths worldwide recapitulate man’s evolutionary history and descent from early primates

Let us conclude with popular and comforting Indian image. It is a pious illustration from the Ramayana. Smiling Rama, with a human face, is a temporary – as all earthly things are – and "civilized" incarnation of the creative power. In his arms he affectionately holds the predecessor whose astonishing energy overcame the forces of adversity… That predecessor is Hanuman, his monkey-faced friend.

Rama et Hanu Man

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