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Lunar calendars and seasonal rites
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The awaited return of the most obvious seasonal signal
The "brilliant" sectors of the sky
An assembly of sacred images

Figures portrayed
by stars in the night,
by nature "dramatic" figures

Why make reference to
seasonal stars.
Measuring time in "moons"

When lunar imagery is combined
with stellar imagery to compose a "mythical cinema"

The human condition
and its development
in the collective memory


French version



René-André Lombard
Site Author: René André Lombard 

Biography: born in Tunis, Tunisia in 1923. Secondary school studies in a multicultural atmosphere infused with Tunisian sociability that pushed one towards philosophical and religious reflections.

1943-45 – War service in the French Army 1st Artillery Corps, participated in campaigns in Italy, France (landing at Dramont), Germany and Austria. 

Studied Humanities in Paris. Comparative linguistics. Professor of Humanities.

Long associated with the Lycée de Beaune and involved in the founding of the Théâtre de Bourgogne. Work with J. Fornier and his first group of actors.

Concerned about harnessing the energies of young people in modern society, he focused on combining teaching and extracurricular activities: travel, film club, theater, group creation including song and dance to complement instruction.

Prize-winning Playwright: "Droit d’Asile", directed by René Lucot on T.V. at the beginnings of French Channel 2.

Member of the SACD (French society of dramatic authors and composers) and lyricist member of SACEM (French society of music authors, composers and publishers), lecturer and stage writer working closely with the " Théâtre du Chien qui Fume" (Gerard Ventaggioli in Avignon, France).

Consultant in the development of many shows, including "les Porteurs d’Eau" Théâtre Talipot (Philippe Pelen and Thierry Mokazambo) in Reunion Island: more details on the site "Sources théâtrales" (www.chez.com/sourcestheatrales).

Research on the origins of the act of theater, which is, in essence, a Shamanistic act.
These studies naturally led René André Lombard to seasonal rites and mythology then to collective memory, research on the development of human thought.

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